Saturday, May 03, 2008


First: 27 miles of hills on the bike. Well, the hilliest hills we have around here, on the other side of the county near Dave's house. Training Buddy Dave was nice enough to go out with me and push me a little the day before he's doing the Frederick Marathon! I was signed up for the half marathon there but I'm skipping it until the lungs are 100%. (Which also means I can't get the Frederick-Baltimore double medal this year, but so it goes.) Meanwhile, I'm trying to get ready for the Columbia (Olympic) triathlon in two weeks as fast as my poor lungs will let me.

Then 1.6 miles with the two girls in the kayaks in about an hour. Plus over an hour loading up the kayaks on the minivan and another hour of knock-down and cleanup afterwards. It always takes longer than it takes.

Then carry-out pizza for dinner!! Yum yum!
What a perfect day!!

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jeanne said...

you're doing the columbia tri??! So today when everyone was there practicing it, all i heard was that it was "one of the hardest olympic tris" there is.

Go you!