Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heading to Columbia

My fourth time at Columbia Olympic Triathlon already!? It's hard to believe!

Non-existent training for the last six weeks gives me low expectations for this one. If I'm not feeling well I'm going to STOP and not finish.

So that leads into my goals for the day:

1. Feel good and have fun! Enjoy the day and my healthy recovery from an extended bout of pneumonia!
2. Finish the course and collect my medal.
3. If possible, beat my time from previous years: 2007 - 3:57, or even 2006 - 3:44.

But I'll be the most surprised person out there if I pull off #3 - that's not supported by my current lack of training and fitness. I'm hoping for a little boost by starting in a much earlier wave this year - surrounded by people actually racing instead of dispirited stragglers, and cooler temperatures. That should help.

I'm just going out there and let the day unfold however it unfolds and enjoy the fact that I CAN do it. At least I can on the good days.


LBTEPA said...

Good luck!

Holly said...

Hope the day was a good one Nancy!

MamaMaven said...

Hope it went well and you finished before the rain started!