Saturday, May 31, 2008

A very Ariel birthday

Tomorrow is really the day my girls turn five years old, but we celebrated early so we could have a leisurely Saturday afternoon family party. The theme was The Little Mermaid, Catherine's current obsession, and we played the Broadway soundtrack for the first time so we can start learning all the new songs before we go see it with Grandpa in August!

Catherine has also been talking about a chocolate cake with pink icing for weeks, so we set out to make one this afternoon.

Here was the result! Not bad for a nearly five-year-old "helping", I think. Each girl got five candles.

Catherine loved her new stick horse that she's been asking for. I think she named it Prince. Or Princess. I guess she's not quite clear on its gender.

Grandma also sent kids' paddles for the kayaks, which we had been looking for for a long time. Perfect!!

Elisabeth got a new Princess backpack that she absolutely loved and started wearing around the house. Catherine got an Ariel backpack that she loved too, but was not quite as obsessed with it.

A very happy day! My little girls are growing up so fast!

They're still teensy tiny girls, though! We did weights and measures today:

Catherine: 35 pounds (16th percentile), 40 inches tall (8th percentile).
Elisabeth: 32 pounds (4th percentile), 38 inches tall (3rd percentile).

Yes, they're small but mighty! Healthy and lively and growing and catching up fast all the time!


Jenny Davidson said...

Best birthday wishes! Nice pics--mmmm, that cake looks delicious, I am a fan of pink icing also...

Fe-lady said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girls!
Five...a milestone for sure!

Ellie Hamilton said...

Beautiful cake, beautiful party, beautiful girls! I can't believe they're five!

A Wild Celtic Rose said...

It's so great to see them happy and healthy.

I remember when they were so tiny, and struggling.

What a difference five years makes.

Oh, I LOVE the Ariel cake

J-Wim said...

What a girly-girl birthday! How sweet!

Rainmaker said...

Shortly afterwards, the WPO (World Pink Organization) announced that the earth's supply of the color pink has been fully exhausted. There is no longer any pink left in the world. Signs point to a possible stockpile located in Maryland as the cause....

Happy Birthday to her. ;)

Nancy Toby said...

LOL! I don't know where they get it, either - I am NOT a pink person! But they insist on it!!!

stronger said...

Happy Birthday Girls!

MamaMaven said...

Happy birthday to you all! Cute cake. I remember my shock the day I did an entire load of pink laundry!