Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Girls QOTD

Catherine: "The earth is a big circle. And you can be upside-down or upside-up. And I want to go to space in Europe."

Elisabeth: "Lawnmower. Helicopter."


LBTEPA said...

Go Catherine and Elizabeth!
And (re your post-before-last) best wishes for a complete recovery Nancy.

Nancy Toby said...

Thanks, especially considering you're one of those upside-down people!! ;-)

Fe-lady said...

Love these kinds of things...are you making a book of them? They will love reading it when they are older!

KayVee said...

Absolutely awesome!

rachel said...

have you got a journal ready to record all the things that Elizabeth takes apart, including a column for the things she puts back together again?
She sounds like a budding mechanic to me.
Either that or a very zen mindframe, why use a sentence when a word (or two) will do.
: D