Friday, March 28, 2008

Ride like you're invisible

This test has been making the rounds, and I saw it a couple weeks ago. It makes the point!

The point was also made once again to me today as I was riding through town along a side street with parked cars on both sides. A single oncoming car zoomed right through the middle of the street, aimed straight toward me, cutting my path off completely and forcing me to make an emergency stop. Luckily I clipped out at the last second and my new Look cleats have a nonskid surface and I didn't have a fall! Still, emergency stops are always better than getting hit by a car at 40 mph closing velocity. But the driver never made so much as a single sideways glance at me, despite my vivid yellow bike and garish black and yellow jersey. Blind indeed.

(No, I didn't test out my swim workout yet - we had an unforecast beautiful weather day that I had to take advantage of out on the bike!)


stronger said...

Are you saying you're a moon walking bear? ;)

Rainmaker said...

It's amazing how people just don't get it. I was cutoff a fellow triathlete going to the race expo (tri bike in his car and all). Go figure.