Monday, March 24, 2008

Biggest loser week 2 done

Had to do my #2 Biggest Loser weigh-in today after a week of terrible allergy problems and eating crap during our little vacation (and before, too, naturally, just to get ready for vacation).

I forget, honestly - I think the scale said down about 6-7 pounds from the initial weigh-in today. My scale at home said almost exactly the same weight both days.

Go figure. I'll be found out when they do my measurements and body fat again.

WEEK TWO CHALLENGE: It was to do 140 or 280 minutes walking and/or running, depending on your own evaluation of your background level. I finished 354 minutes in the week but only ~15 miles (172 minutes?) of that was running. I should get the full score for that challenge. Haven't been told yet what this week's challenge will be.

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