Thursday, March 27, 2008

I got your swim coach right here - very cool site I just learned of today that will generate customized swim workouts for you. Looks great, I'm planning on doing one of their workouts tomorrow. It's free to users, for now, although I'm not quite sure how the site is supported other than a few ads.

Yeah, I'll swim tomorrow if I can manage to stumble to the car on these WAY sore legs. 3*15 squats and 3*15 deadlifts (along with everything else) might possibly have been a little too much on the first day back hitting the weights. Ya think!?!?

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J-Wim said...

Oh yes, that site totally rocks, I use it every Tues and Thurs for my swim times, since I am not nearly organized enough to plan something out for myself on my own that makes sense.
Love it love it love it!!!