Sunday, March 02, 2008

Consistent splits

Just pulled my splits (taken blindly by pushing the button while the face was taped over) from my half marathon today. This is just where the splits fell - without looking at the watch at all, and trying to keep it subjectively EASY for the first five miles, MODERATE for the second 5 miles, and HARD for the last 5K:

1 10:24
2 10:18
3 10:46
4 10:51
5 10:58
6 10:51
7 11:31 (hilly turnaround)
8 11:37 (hilly turnaround)
9 11:04
10 11:02
11 11:19
12 11:17
13 11:38
0.1 1:07

Average: 11:02 min/mile

Two somewhat faster first miles, one slow final tired mile, two slow miles at the very hilly turnaround with two passes past the water stop, and eight other miles all within 33 seconds of each other. Of course, that's all along the very flat, straight rail-trail, so it shouldn't be so surprising they're fairly consistent.


Ellie Hamilton said...

Very nice! You know what I really love? Your label for this post :-)

The Big Cheese said...

Great job Nancy. You motivate me to keep pushing on.

Ellie Hamilton said...

Oh, and although it was hard to catch you, you're running so fast lately, I tagged you.... check my blog.

jeanne said...

damn good job.

Stef said...

These splits are awesome! As was your idea to tape your watch. I was just pondering whether to wear my watch in my 1/2 coming up next week and Jonah pointed me to your blog.

I am totally going to tape my watch so I can have my splits for later.