Friday, March 28, 2008

Declaring my intentions

I'm doing the National Half Marathon tomorrow.

My legs are still sore as hell, though a dozen easy-peasy miles out on the bike today did help work out some of the pain.

Plus I've been coughing like crazy for over two weeks due to spring allergies to all the trees and daffodils in bloom. My voice is hoarse and croaky and that Phlegm Monster has set up residence in my lungs.

And oh yeah, I forgot, I had to be at a school fundraising function tonight until about 9:30 PM and I have to be up at 3:15 AM for the race. But I was able to get in the silent auction there the cutest bike for Elisabeth and a painted footstool the girls made in their class, and I'm delighted with those! (I also got outbid on some deluxe local restaurant meals and Disney admission tickets, but there's always next year).

I think this half marathon is going to be, for a change, a no-time-goals, fun run day. It should be a beautiful day for racing-while-sightseeing -- sunny and everything in bloom. I know I'll probably warm up out of the stiffness and do some running in the middle of the race, and maybe even surprise myself -- but if I feel like I do now tomorrow, I'll be lucky to finish!!

Tomorrow's goal is simply to get the 13.1 miles done on foot and bring home the medal. I'll set ambitious time goals another day. Some races are just like that.


Formulaic said...

Good luck Nancy!

Have fun and enjoy!

Oh! I recall your previous post and TriDead discussion about covering the watch with tape.

I don't know what your plan is this time, but so you know the Garmin can be programmed to auto laps so you don't have to remember to push the lap button. That way you can go truly 'blind'.

Mode - Training - Training Options - Auto Lap - By Distance - then choose the distance (1 mile?)

Hope it helps, so that you can enjoy the run.

Have fun and good luck!

Rainmaker said...

Good luck tomorrow! I like your plan - just go have fun!

Comm's said...

Your just jumping into the half! That is awesome. And glad your not going to bandit the course. Not a big fan of that. Though I know your not as well.

ShirleyPerly said...

I love races like that. In fact, my race tomorrow is like that too. Just go out there and have fun. Hope you did!

jeanne said...

Hey Nancy, great seeing you! I couldn't find a SOUL at the end, but somehow I managed to find every last BIT of food.

Hope you had fun. Those were some good hills!