Thursday, March 06, 2008

One less big worry

Catherine has an inguinal hernia, diagnosed by mom. It only took two different pediatricians, a botched time-waster ultrasound, and a visit to the surgeon to finally get positive confirmation of my diagnosis.

Fortunately the visit to the surgeon today was very reassuring. It's fairly unlikely to cause a problem, and even though it won't correct itself, we can take our time and have it corrected when she's a bit bigger and it's a convenient time for us. The surgery itself is reasonably minor and recovery should only take a few days. I'd just as soon wait until she's a little bit bigger than 33 pounds dripping wet, thanks.


LotStreetWiz said...

I'm glad you're an assertive customer of medicine - and I'm glad you're so phlegmatic about it. I'd be twisted up with worry if it were my daughter. Does it bother her?

Nancy Toby said...

No, it doesn't bother her at all now. I think she'll tell me if it does hurt, which is when it would need prompt action.