Monday, March 31, 2008

Bridge to bridge half marathon, no frills version

Inviting YOU to a low-cost, zero-frills, zero-support event in mid-April for those of you living locally who need to get in some longer runs. We'll measure out a course pretty close to 13.1 miles, but the only guarantee is that it will be FLAT and fast!!

April 19, 2008: Bridge to Bridge Half Marathon: Tilghman Island to St. Michaels, Maryland. Unofficial, self-organized and self-supported. Carry a water bottle (we'll leave some water jugs near the halfway point). ID and phone and brightly-colored running clothes would be a good idea too. Run at your own risk. Meet at Perry Cabin Park, Rt. 33, west side of St. Michaels at 6AM to carpool to Tilghman Elementary School for 7AM start.

The public parking lot where we'll gather to carpool to the start is right across the street (Rt 33) from this place, if you want to locate it on a map or want some five-star pre-race accommodations or meals:


amybee said...

Just catching up with your blog... congrats on finishing that challenging 13.94 "1/2 marathon".

Quite an elevation chart! (Looks kinda like my heart rate!)

Triathlonmom said...

If you really could guarantee that I would be FAST, I would actually come just to see that!