Saturday, March 29, 2008

New bike in the stable

Elisabeth is going to be riding the same bike Lance rode, almost, on her new Trek. This is the model that I picked up at the school silent auction last night, except hers is sky blue instead of pink.

MSRP is $139 and I bid it up to $100, so I'm pleased with a little bargain! Although it's probably last year's model, Elisabeth won't care.

Catherine is already jealous of the white basket and streamers. So am I.


A Wild Celtic Rose said...

Ooooh, Shiny !!!

[looks at Flash wondering what she'd look like with streamers]

I still remember my first bike (shiny metallic pink with training wheel, a basket with daisies on it and streamers.

It was the only time in my life as a child that I was silent for more than a couple of seconds.

The harder I tried to be "good", the more horrid I was. I was sure that Santa was going to put coal in my stocking.

I remember walking down the stairs and seeing her under the tree.

My mother still tells the story about how I got very quiet. Stopped, then slowly walked around the tree, wide eyed. After what seemed like an eternity I quietly (a rare occurrence for me) said...

"I didn't get a stocking full of coal..."

Jade Lady said...

Oh, she must love the bike! It's adorable.

And, thanks for the reminder - it's time for me also to start looking for a bike to replace the very small tricycle I have for my daughter.