Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chincoteague weekend

Here's the RV which we rented for the long weekend, and floor plan below. I liked it a lot - fortunately (or unfortunately) we can now rent them less than a mile from home and for cheaper than we could ever buy one for ourselves, so we probably will be using this one for many future road trips.

It took us down to Chincoteague Island to the ponies and salt marshes. A lovely area, even though the weather was too chilly and windy to stay outdoors too long!

The campground playground, with its old dangerous merry-go-round, was a big hit.

I was able to get in one 5K run, though my allergies have been making me cough hard for four days to the point that my chest hurt while I was running. That makes running not so fun and so I kept it short.

We had one trip to the beach but it was blowing HARD and very cold, so we didn't stay long. Catherine just RAN back to the RV.

Elisabeth liked it better and cried when we left, though I'm not sure whether that was regret that we were leaving or being chilled to the bone.

The Easter bunny was able to find us and leave some nice eggs and chocolate bunnies for the last time that they will be 4 years old. So that was breakfast today.


Fe-lady said...

FUN! Great pictures and boy do I LOVE the old playgrounds with "dangerous" slides, merry-go-rounds and even SWINGS! Funny, no one got SERIOUSLY hurt that I remember when I was a kid...

(I still play Easter Bunny for my 21 year old...!) =:0)

Spokane Al said...

It looks like a great way to spend a weekend. I also remember those great, old, dangerous park toys.

Rainmaker said...

I want a chocolate bunny!

That looks like a great way to spent a weekend!

21stCenturyMom said...

I still have my copy of "Misty of Chincoteague" and "Stormy" who was her foal. I have always wanted to go to Chincoteague Island and some day I will.

Lynne said...

Chincoteague has been our summer vacation for years, I am longing for our June trip in the worst way! I am also thankful that it is in JUNE --- I can imagine the cold just whipping over the marsh - not a lot of shelter, not a lot of fun. Id be running for the RV TOO!

Robert said...

Enjoyed reading about your visit. You were on the Maryland side of Assateague which is different than the Virginia side. But both places are great to visit and to live. We live on the Virginia mainland, near Chincoteague, and get to the islands often. I teach journalism at Accomack County middle schools and, along with a few students, publish an on-line magazine, All of our material is from the Virginia side vbut we hope to get to the Maryland side this summer. Robert Boswell, publisher.

SToby said...

Actually Robert has somehow (for a local almost) become disoriented. We were definitely on the Virginia side. We drove past the NASA Wallops Island facility and then across the causeway into town. We thought about the Maryland side but the campground there was on the beach and we knew it would be cold and unprotected; the place we stayed was in the pines and not on the barrier island itself -- we had to cross a bridge and pay to enter the park.

I (Nancy's husband) have a long history of staying on Chincoteague in the off season, starting on New Year's weekend, 1979-80. I paid all of $18 a day for quite a nice room at the Refuge Motor Inn. This time, we paid $40 a day for our campsite! But, it did have full connections. "Progress."