Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More speedwork

Well, that didn't exactly work as planned! I went over to the track with my Garmin and did 8x100 (warmup and then one fast 100 within each quarter-mile lap of the track), and motivated myself by thinking of the lovely plot I would have with 8 beautiful little dips that went deep into Single Digit Pace Land. Unfortunately it seems that the Garmin doesn't record pace very frequently and my speediness was so quick it missed several of the sprints.

Oh well, I'll wear the heart rate meter next time which has a higher sampling rate and shows more detail.

My LEGS know that I've done some speed work (and that's what counts), even if my pace plot doesn't show it.


Formulaic said...

I found that Garmin can be slow updating the pace too.

Try this:



Data Recording

Change the 'Smart Recording' to Every Second.

That should help a little bit. But the battery does drain a little quicker. Not much but maybe 8 hours instead of 10 hours. Typically not to bad if you are like me and recharge it every few workouts.

Nancy Toby said...

Ooh, good thought, I didn't know you could reset the sampling frequency!! Thanks!! (I also don't have my Garmin software on this computer, only the Sporttracks, and can't find the CD, so I wasn't sure if it was in the unit itself or the plotting software).

I'll try that!!

Formulaic said...

Sorry, Didn't mention where to start!

You change the settings from the unit itself. On the watch.

Now I have a 305 I don't know how it would work on the 205 or the (enviable) 405!

bari said...

If you haven't done this already, you might also want to reduce the data smoothing in SportTracks. That will give you more detailed information on the graph.