Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kiddie ballet expert

We signed up the girls for six weeks of kiddie ballet lessons at my local YMCA, starting in mid-February. I just tried their little pink leotards on them today in order to make sure they fit. Elisabeth didn't think much of it and took hers off quickly. Catherine left hers on and insisted that I put on some "ballet music". I scrolled through the music channel selections on the cable TV. She didn't want to hear the fifties rock and roll. She didn't want to hear the seventies disco. She recognized the classical music somehow and wanted to practice her smooth moves to that.

She insisted, quite emphatically, in her infinite four-year-old wisdom, "I need three things for ballet music. Violin, piano, and a radio."

She was disappointed not to have a tutu, but I explained to her that only the older ballerinas got tutus. We'll see if that sticks. Next she started asking for tap shoes. . . .

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Ellie Hamilton said...

Violin, piano, and a radio! I LOVE it!!! You got a sharp kid there!