Thursday, January 31, 2008

10k to the good!

For my 4-year-olds, that is!

No, I'm not flogging them to run an entire 10K. Yet.

We've been keeping count of how many times we go over to the track to walk around it on one of the cute coloring-book-style charts at

We started on August 14th and it took us up until now to complete 25 outings to the track. Last week we finished accumulating a total of 25 track outings for a total of about 6.25 miles (plus about another 12.5 miles walking from our house there and back that we weren't counting!).

That's an average of a little over one lap per week. Not too strenuous, I'd say, but it's more than some adults I know! (Ahem.)

We'll have to see about doing the 1 mile kids' fun walk at our local YMCA in March.

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