Monday, January 07, 2008


Do any of you fellow bloggers have someone who reads your blog religiously - literally for years - but pretends that they don't? ("Huh? What bizarre behavior!" Yeah, I know. Of course that person can never admit to having seen this post, either.)

It cracks me up. Gosh, why in the world would they be interested in my ramblings?

You know, it also cracks me up when someone who professes to be Christian uses the Internet to post anonymous slams at people. Repeatedly - even takes the time to make up a fake name just to leave comments with. What a testimony of courage and compassion! Gosh, that's certainly what Jesus would do, isn't it? Matthew 18:15-22, Matthew 19:17-19.

In other blogger news, if you were a member of the Running Blog Family, please head over to their newly revised site and re-submit your listing. It will be great to have the running-related blogs indexed by all those different variables.


Mark I. said...

That's very kind of you to post. Thank you. :)

Ellie Hamilton said...

Excellent and very apt Scripture references -- I had to click the links to see what they were, not being a chapter-and-verse citer, myself, at least not off the top of my head :-)

Shawn said...

Wow. It's amazing how sad and pathetic some people are.