Sunday, January 20, 2008

First swim lesson

Catherine had her first swim lesson yesterday. She did GREAT! Right now 7 of the kids just sit in a little line on the pool edge and the instructor has them practice kicking and paying attention and following directions and not crying for Mom, and then takes them out one by one for a little kicking and paddling practice buoyed up by their little styrofoam backpacks. Except for one brave boy who was brave (or foolish) enough to jump off the side of the pool into the deep water and trusted that she would rescue him. I was glad Catherine did not do that. I watched from a distance so as not to distract her, and got in a few laps myself in between watching her.

Then bundled her up afterwards because it was freezing!

It occurs to me in another lesson or two she will have more total swim coaching time than I have.

I also realized after I took this photo that I had broken the YMCA rules by taking photographs inside the locker room. Some male adult member of the club had been regularly photographing several of the much younger male patrons of the club in the men's locker room. I think he's doing hard time for it now. The posted notices remain on our locker room doors that no cameras or recording devices are allowed. Whoops!


Fe-lady said...

Cute photo...I doubt any one will report you!
Great swimming!

Brent Buckner said...

Big milestone!

Shawn said...

Go, Catherine!!