Friday, January 18, 2008

I hear it's possible to do marathons on only short runs

That's what I hear. I may be testing that out in March.

7 miles today - trying to get a longer run out of the way before the weather turned bad, but I had a bad attitude and cut it short.

BUT I did see a pair of fabulous bald eagles standing on the golf course eating something. They're impressive, unmistakable birds. Well, unmistakable after you see the white heads and tails and realize they're not the typical turkey hawk buzzards we get in huge swarms around here feeding on carrion.


21stCenturyMom said...

Possible but not fun. You have plenty of time for some long runs. Make sure you do them!

I have vast experience of running long races on short to non-existant distance runs. Not fun. Repeat - NOT FUN!

ShirleyPerly said...

For an experienced marathoner like yourself, yes, I think it's certainly possible. But as 21CM mentioned, probably not as enjoyable and doubtfully as fast. But maybe one tough race day is better than several in training? Depends on your priorities.

If you just want to avoid the really long runs, google Hanson's marathon training program. Its longest runs are 16 miles and has been known to work for many. Good luck either way!

Julia said...

It's true except that your total weekly volume has to be high...

So, no you don't need the long runs, but you do have to go for structured workouts. And it is enjoyable to do. And you can PR.