Thursday, January 31, 2008

8 x 200

Another speedwork session in the books! And here's the evidence:

Warm up, and then eight times halfway around the track at my top-end speed, followed by eight recovery jogs around the other half of the track. Turn around to unwind my legs every mile.

Yeah, the pace recording is still not good. I have to tweak those settings again. But the heart rate shows I did my job today!

Times today for those eight 1/8-mile "speedy" segments are:

  1. 1:09
  2. 1:10
  3. 1:10
  4. 1:09
  5. 1:08
  6. 1:06
  7. 1:09
  8. 1:08

Average 1:09 or 9:09 min/mile pace. Yep, faster than my current 5K pace (though I haven't raced one in ages).

I'd love to link those together and be running low 9-minute miles regularly, but that won't happen for a while. . . . we'll see!

And to my Canadian friends: You're welcome to come get your geese now. We've had quite enough of them for this winter. You're also welcome to clean up their poop which is accumulating on my track. Thank you.


WADDLER26.2 said...

Nice workout.

Rainmaker said...

Solid intervals, quite consistant.

Fe-lady said...

Great speedwork session...and yes, goose poop is the WORST! Don't step in any!

Downhillnut said...

Great job on the speedwork!

About the geese - we've got enough slippery stuff on our pathways right now, thankyouverymuch. Consider avoiding their deposits as "agility training".