Sunday, January 07, 2007

A do-over?

One of my friends suggested that we start the year over today. Sounds good to me! I like having my workout targets set week-by-week, since that lets me start over and have a January 1st clean slate every single week.

I really was glad I could start over today! Last week I got in ZERO swimming, because of a little mis-communication between me and the spousal unit. So I did a swim today (navigating around the clueless Resolutionists bouncing around in my lane, grrrr), but my week ends on Saturday night - that still gives me a 0 for 1 in swimming weeks to start the year. But I'm good for week 2 even if I can't get to the pool again this week.

On the other hand, I did *3* 5K time trials last week on the track!! Not all full-out except maybe the last one. I'm using decimal minutes in my log, which keeps Excel much simpler:
  • 37.52
  • 37.74
  • 32.03
The last one was within 37 seconds of my 5K PR, so that's pretty zippy for me for a track workout around 25 consecutive turns! That tells me my race 5K PR is pretty soft and set for breaking soon. Good!

Then again, I was hoping to do one of my fifty planned 5-milers for the year for at least one of those, but I cut it short at 3.1 miles. At least that's 3 out of 50 5Ks completed for the year and down in the record books!

I'm sipping on a limoncello and soda now. Yum! This is a non-food-logging day, so it's a freebie.


KLN said...

I definitely need a do-over. I ended up with 4 rest days, so can I start counting again on Monday, please (and its going to have to be an easy week, anyway).

FWIW, I posted a picture of the kitten heels for you!

21st Century Mom said...

I kind of need a do-over as I have not taken my training seriously yet. In fact, I don't have a plan. For some reason I'm waiting for the book to get here. How lame.

I did so-so last week but logged 0 running miles. Time to fix that.


Charles said...

I agree! Do over for everyone. I have done fine so far on dry land but i made it for my first swim of the year today. It went well but it should not have been my first swim. Oh well. :-)