Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Springtime of Half Marathons?

I didn't plan it this way for my 50th Year Challenge, but I'm lining up quite a streak of half marathons this spring. I'm now registered for three in a row:

1. B&A Trail Half Marathon: 4 March 07
2. National Half Marathon: 24 March 07
3. Ocean City Half Marathon: 7 April 07

I just learned of a possible new race in my very own little town:
4. Bridge to Bridge Half Marathon: 21 April 07

So if that one happens, perhaps I should do this:
5. My Own Private Forerunner Half Marathon: some time 7 May 07 to 13 May 07
(Yeah, I could do the Queens, NY Half Marathon then, but I probably won't feel like traveling all the way up to NY for it. I'll look for a closer official race.)

Or maybe the Belle Haven 25K as a kickoff on 24 Feb 07.

. . . so that I do five half marathons within ten weeks, and finish up about 5 weeks before my 50th birthday!

I'm definitely NO Dean Karnazes, but it would make a nice little string o' runs for me.


jeanne said...

Nice! Hey we're the same age!

Iron Pol said...

Whoa, you are seriously disregarding the advice of that Boyles dude! All that running, and a woman, no less.

That's a pretty agressive schedule. It will certainly help make sure you're getting long runs in every couple weeks.

Way to work on your limiter.

nancytoby said...

EVERYTHING is my limiter! Heh!!

Yeah, I only plan to race really hard for one of them, when a buddy is pacing me, but we'll see how it goes. 13.1 miles isn't an easy distance under any circumstance, for me!! But yes, it will be a good way to get in several long runs in a row in preparation for my triathlons in May-June.


WADDLER26.2 said...

Last year was my year of the half and it was my 50th celebration.

Lisa said...

Nice! That's an awesome schedule, very aggressive.