Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is an Appaloosa coloration called "snowflake" for obvious reasons, and it's a lot like what I looked like when I came in off the track this afternoon. Two miles into my run the white stuff started coming down thick and fast in 30 mph winds. Within two laps of the track the grass and the grazing geese were covered in white and so was I!

So it was a 5K today instead of a 5-miler. I didn't do any special pre-planned workout - it was my first run back after hurting my back (and I was also testing a new pair of Asics shoes) and fortunately it felt fine. Whew! Missed the bullet on that one! Still, I'm probably going to stay off the bike (which stresses my back a lot in aero position) until I can test it out in a swim.

That's seven timed 5Ks so far this year, with an average pace of about 11:22 min/mile. But they're strangely clustered at two paces - around 12 min/mile and around 10 min/mile, with only one in between. I guess those are two of my running gears right now - tempo run and just under race pace.


21st Century Mom said...

Running in the snow made you look like a horse? I am SO confused....maek that so easily confused.

nancytoby said...

Well, no, I already looked like a horse....