Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 process goals

Here they are, just slightly modified from my previous plan for my 50th year challenge. I'll log my workouts and tally my progress in the right sidebar throughout the year. So it's all publicly accountable and verifiable and open to your scrutiny every day of the year, except for my body weight number which is not public information!

Swim goal (2000yd+) met: 47/52 wks (90%)
Swim total dist: 88,000 yd (50 miles)
Swim 2500yds: 5X

Bike goal (25M+) met: 47/52 wks (90%)
Bike total dist: 2500 miles
Bike 50Ms: 10X
Bike 100Ms: 5X

Run goal (12M+) met: 47/52 wks (90%)
Run total dist: 800 miles
Run timed 5Ks: 50X
Run timed 5Ms or 5x1Ms: 50X
Run timed 10Ks: 5X
Run timed half marathons: 5X (1 entered so far)

Food log goal (5d+) met: 47/52 wks (90%)
Eat 5 different fruits and/or vegetables at least 5 days per week: 47/52 wks (90%)
Lose 5*5 pounds (25+) from Jan 1st to Jan 1st (actually this is an intended result and not a process goal since it's not something under my direct active control, but I'm listing it here just to stay organized)

5+ triathlons or duathlons (2 entered so far, Olympic and half Ironman)

The ultimate objectives which these process goals work to support on a daily basis:
  • Train intelligently and effectively for triathlons and road races while keeping my life in balance with my other responsibilities.
  • Enjoy every race day as a celebration of my training, bringing away lessons from each race.
  • Continue to increase my swimming, cycling, and running speed and endurance
  • Continue to improve my body composition by losing body fat and gaining muscle
  • Continue to practice purposeful movement and healthy eating in my way of life, monitored by measureable weekly benchmarks


Mojo said...

This was my favorite goal because it struck a chord with me.

"Enjoy every race day as a celebration of my training, bringing away lessons from each race."

For some reason, I never thought of racing that way. I went into a race nervous and full of pressure. I thought I needed to place to feel like I trained hard enough.

I'll take your little gem of a sentence with me. Whether I run a 5k or do a century, I'll look at race day as a celebration.

Happy New Year!

nancytoby said...

MAKE IT FUN!!! :-)

This stuff is way too hard work not to make it fun. If I didn't have fun I wouldn't do it!!

I think that's one reason I didn't get too bummed out over not finishing IMFL in November. I didn't have a whole lot of fun out there that day on the iron-distance course, and more or less decided then that events that take that long just aren't my cup of tea. I'm not saying I won't attempt another one, ever, but certainly not any time soon!

Thanks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Steph Cooke said...

Happy New Year Nancy to you and your family! If I acheive half as much as you did in 2006 I will be well happy!
Some really good advice here too.

Bigun said...

Congrats on the new basebar - new bike stuff is always cool - I've had my felt now for 4k miles, time for some new stuff - brakes, cables, bars, crank....or a new bike?????

Awesome goals too - wising you a great '07!

Diane said...

Congratulations on your fabulously successful 2006! You sound very motivated and organized for 2007. I'm trying your process of tracking weekly minimums in '07 to help with consistency, especially with swimming and cycling. Thanks for the great advice.

Happy New Year!

~ Diane

TriBoomer said...

Good luck with all of your 2007 goals. Keep us posted on how you do.

Stay tuned...

Sara said...

My goal was to actually run this year. My plan was going to start on January 2nd as we were traveling all day on the 1st. However, on the 30th that all ended with a dog collision to my knee.

Wendy said...

I like the way you split your goals out between the process and event goals, Nancy.

Kewl Nitrox said...

You are an ANIMAL when it comes to consistency and sticking to goals. :)

Have a blessed 2007!

Spokane Al said...

I like your emphasis on making it fun! If we are not enjoying ourselves, perhaps we need to look for another hobby.

P.S. With a birthday coming does this mean that you will soon be changing your header?