Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 goal review

These were my PROCESS GOALS for 2006:

Weekly baseline minimums for every week in each discipline:

* Nutrition: Keep detailed food log at least 5 days per week for 42/44 weeks
* Run (not walk!): 10 miles per week or more for 42/44 weeks
* Swim (freestyle): 1500 m or more for 42/44 weeks
* Bike/trainer: 20 miles (or 80 min trainer) or more for 42/44 weeks

While I didn't quite attain the consistency or volume that I had hoped for before Ironman Florida in November '06, I also continued my training in the 2 months after Ironman Florida more diligently than I had expected.

The important thing about these goals is that
I found these objective, one-week-duration PROCESS GOALS extremely useful and a helpful tool in every week of 2006 to keep me moving in the right direction. They achieved exactly what the best goals do, they got me out there doing what I wanted to be doing, week after week after week throughout the entire year.

Short-term, objectively stated, quantitative process goals ROCK. I'm going to re-set them for 2007 and use something quite similar. They WORK.

Side note: I was setting up my Excel workout log for 2007, and I was pleased to note that I'm starting the year 26.9 pounds lighter than I started 2004. While it's not a miracle transformation, 9 pounds per year weight loss without following a restrictive diet is solid, sustainable progress. I was happy to spot that. There's a great benefit in keeping good records from year to year!


jbmmommy said...

Impressive organization and determination in 2006. I'm sure that 2007 will follow suit for you as you've already shown how committed you are. Happy new year.

Laurie said...

Those are good, reachable goals. Congrats on the steady weight loss.

Happy 2007!

ironjenny said...

Great job Nancy!
Look how different you look in your 2005 picture v. the 2006 one. You are healthy and yoru hard work is paying off.
Happy New Year!

Iron Pol said...

That's the best part of solid tri training. You can focus most of your "diet" efforts to healthy eating instead of calorie counting. Much more effective.

And 9 pounds a year is a pretty solid result.

*jeanne* said...

You look great! You have a fabulous amount of drive and a steady will - I bet you'll rock these 2007 goals, just like you did the 2006 ones!