Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nations' Tri results are in!

It was brutally hot out there! I had an okay swim, great bike, and meltdown run.

Nation's Triathlon
September 14, 2008 - Washington, DC
number of finishers: 2388
number of females: 951
number of males: 1437
average time: 3:10:40

Nancy Toby
bib number: 3151
age: 51
gender: F
location: ARLINGTON, VA
overall place: 2027 out of 2388
division place (Athenas all ages): 48 out of 84
gender place: 695 out of 951
time: 3:43:45
swim: 41:47
t1: 5:28
bike: 1:25:27 (17.4 mph)
t2: 3:19
run: 1:27:45
penalty: 0


jeanne said...

great job nancy! So glad you were there to listen to me bitch! look at your bike time--wow!

TxTriSkatemom said...

i heard from a friend who participated that the humidity was brutal. He's from Utah and has been working in NYC, so he's not used to it at all.

the bike leg is awesome! can't wait to hear more details. congrats on making it to the finish!

MJ said...

GREAT job on the race! The weather was truly brutal today--good on ya!

Rainmaker said...

Awesome job! Just to let ya know, I cheered for you - a whole bunch in fact. And then...the person seemed to make some audible noises to indicate they weren't Nancy. :(

But it looked JUST LIKE YOU.

MamaMaven said...

Yesterday was really brutal, congrats on making it through. I am in awe of your bike time! Rock on!

Fe-lady said...

Congratulations! Yeah, great bike ave!