Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First day of soccer

The girls had a blast at their first soccer practice today. Mostly running around the gym (it was threatening rain outside) and attempting to kick the ball and getting some exercise while they were having great fun. Perfect!

It's a coed team. The girls thought it would be appropriate to pull up their shirts to show all their teammates during circle time. I can see in a few years from now they're destined to be the most popular female soccer players in their high school.

They decided to name themselves The Cheetahs. Only Catherine wanted them to be named Flamingos, so she has started calling herself a Flamingo-Cheetah.


Fe-lady said...

I think the Flamingo-Cheetahs works!
Ask her to draw a picture of that for me! :-)

Steve Stenzel said...

Sounds like fun!!! I love the dual name! Ha!!