Saturday, September 06, 2008

Catherine's shaggy dog story

This is a story Catherine told us over dinner about the dog she hopes to have one day:

"My dog is a superhero dog and she's a Collie and her name is Cathy Energy Girl and she's brown and white with blue eyes. And she has a laserbeam gun in her paw and she finds all the bad dogs in the world and SHOOTS them right through the heart and they go straight to the cemetery and there's no more bad dogs in the whole world. The end."


rachel said...

Keegan, the tri-coloured border collie, approves.
Keegan does not have a laser in her paw but she does say that being super fast and having super energy is more than enough to deal with most wayward (or even downright bad) dogs.

Fe-lady said...

I want to borrow her dog to kill my neighbor's bad dogs! Pleeeeze!