Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pee pee pants

I was interviewed last week by the Washington Post Express on some advice for novice triathletes in advance of the Nations Triathlon next Sunday in Washington DC. So of course I offered up all kinds of sage wisdom garnered through years of experience (and mistakes) on knowing and following the rules and staying safe and having fun and all that.

So which part do they use? The slightly edgier stuff about peeing in the Potomac.

Too funny!

Now the Park Service will probably cancel the permit for the swim because of the potential for excessive nitrogen pollution, all on my account.

At least I don't usually pee during the National Anthem like some people I know.


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Lesser is More said...

I laughed when I saw you quoted the other day, because I figured they asked you a series of questions and not just about peeing in the water. Only a true expert can offer words of wisdom like that.

A Wild Celtic Rose said...

You have NO idea how much better this made me feel. Last weekend was only my third triathlon, but I peed in my wetsuit in between the warm up swim and the start (no time for anything else)

At least I was able to flush some fresh water through on my way to the start corral.


jeanne said...

ha ha!

i've read all the info for nations, and gone to the briefing, and i still don't get how to get from transition to my car, or where its best to park. any tips?