Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to the mile

Since a burst of speed (for me) this spring, I've been getting progressively slower in my running this spring. There's a variety of reasons, mostly to do with low running mileage and gaining a few pounds and a couple of nasty bouts of bronchitis.

But now the weather is cooling off so that it's much more comfortable to run in, and I'm back to doing mile repeats in the hopes of perking up my speed again. I headed to the track today, but the students were using it (very unusual!) so I headed out on the roads with my Garmin. I did them just like I planned on the track with quarter-mile recovery walks in between and this is what I ran today:
  • 10:51
  • 10:22
  • 10:49
That gives us some baseline numbers heading into the fall. It's a (re)start. Onward to get back to those 9:22s, 9:02s and below!


jbmmommy said...

Looks like a good start. Enjoy the great weather!

Mr Steve said...

How do you like your Garmin? I think I remember reading that you purchased a 305...

Would you recommend it? I read that the battery only last 10 hours..if that is the case, then how do you use it in an Ironman?