Thursday, September 25, 2008


Speaking of calories, somehow it doesn't seem fair that a 45-minute swim burns off only 366 calories, and sitting at my computer reading about these crazy election shenanigans would have burned 65 calories. The net result is that I'm only 301 calories ahead of the game.

I'll break exactly even if I eat 87 plain M&Ms tonight.

This stuff will make a person insane. Maybe it already has.

But I did one set of 500 yards in 10:20, which is very speedy for me.

Well it was with flippers, but still....

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Spokane Al said...

Of least when I swim and keep track of laps it is difficult to work up any enthusiasm over the political stuff. And in the end the swim drives me to the tri-blogs where I can usually get away from the headlines.

so its all good.