Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back from Philly!

Great Olympic course in central Philadelphia! Very fun bike course with lots of climbs and turns and fun downhills. Except I flatted about 10 miles into the bike which cost me about 15 minutes and a PR. Oh well, so it goes! All of a sudden there are 34 women in my age group! Good grief, there were only 16 in my AG at this event last year!

I'm happy that I mentally stayed in the race and didn't just phone it in after the flat. I worked hard and improved my transitions (gotta go back and check my records on that - about a minute of that swim time is really T1) and the 10K was just 4 1/2 minutes over my standalone 10K last weekend - I worked for that sub-1:10 run, it was starting to get hot!

Class Rank Class First Name Last Name Sex City State Zip Swim Swim Rank Trans1 Bike Bike Rank MPH Trans2 Run Run Rank Pace SexRank Final Overall
27/34 F50-54 NANCY TOBY F ARLINGTON VA 22204 00:36:34 1578 00:04:12 01:45:11 1758 14.1 00:02:23 01:09:34 1602 00:11:13 502 03:37:56 1696/1892

Detailed report later some time. . . .`

Watch timing notes:
Swim time: 35:13
T1 time: 5:10
Flat changing time: 13:19+


Ellie Hamilton said...


What is it with you and the flats, though??? Think you're the state champion there....

Great times! Congratulations on a very strong tri!!

Rainmaker said...

Nicely done on pushing through a flat. I know how mentally sucky that can be (having double-flatted last year). So congrats on continueing on and rockin int!

jeanne said...

that SUCKS about the flat. you have such a great attitude though. i'm happy you stayed in it too. your 10k is awesome!

seriously, last year there were 8 women in my age group. this year? NINETEEN. apparently this sport is picking up speed.

all good nancy! thanks again for your endless amount of help, and great seeing you!

Comm's said...

good job Nancy. Fitting in those races is important and you can't train for how your going to react after a flat in a race. Glad to see you kept it up and didn't give in to victimhood.

amybee said...

Nice job Nancy, even with the flat tire problem!

Next time will be a PR for sure!

Spokane Al said...

Congratulations on a great race and adapting and responding to a flat. Flexibility is one of the keys to life!