Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2008 Philadelphia Triathlon race report

I'm still waiting for the race photos to be posted. Until then, I'll just report on my pre-race goals:
  • Top ten age group: NOPE, finished 27th/34. Entries in my age group more than doubled from last year!
  • Sub-3:31:54 finish time (PR): NOPE, finished in 3:37:46, although it was still encouraging since 13:19 of that was devoted to flat-changing. I'm hoping to be ready to go sub-3:20 at my next Olympic-distance (The Nation's Triathlon on September 14).
  • Sub-7:30 total transition time: YES! Officially 4:12 + 2:23 = 6:35. Unofficially (from when I exited the water) 5:10 + 2:23 = 7:33. Close enough.
  • Sub-33:00 swim: NOPE. 36:34 (watch time 35:13), although it felt faster than that. Too much time wasted wandering around trying to sight and getting caught in traffic.
  • Sub-1:10 run: YES! I mentally stayed in the race, walked only at the water stops, and finished the (fortunately flat) run with a blazing (for me) time of 1:09:34.

So, a mixed bag of results, but it's all good! I enjoyed the race, particularly the lovely river swim and the challenging bike course that kept me on my toes every second: working on the flats, climbing and cussing, avoiding crazy riders, swooping around turns, and screaming down the descents just as fast as I dared. Then doing it again for a second loop! Fun! Plus I briefly got to see Brian and Bob and DC Rainmaker and Jeanne!

Update: I should make a special mention that a member of the management team for the race emailed me afterwards and asked me if I had any reactions or comments, so I sent along a few recommendations for improvements for next year. That's the sign of a management team that's on its toes and doesn't rest on its laurels! Bravo! The Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon race is highly recommended and I think it will get better every year.


Steve Stenzel said...

Hey, nice job hitting half your goals!! (It's had to make top 10 when the field DOUBLES!!) Way to go!!!

jeanne said...

that damn flat tire! great photos by the way. that river was gorgeous. congrats on hitting 1/2 your goals, that's nothing to sneeze at.

hey how come they didn't ask me for MY opinion?!?!

Phil said...

That's great you were able to change a flat that quickly. I'd be completely lost. Did you use CO2? Were you able to get a decent pressure?