Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day 10K

Today I had a 10K on the schedule to complete in order to maintain my standings in the Annapolis Striders Championship Series. My legs weren't outright sore, fortunately, but they didn't have much zip today, which is not a big surprise. About 1:05:20 on a warm very humid morning was as fast as they wanted to go today. Average heart rate was 172, which tells me I could have picked it up maybe one notch or two, but the necessary "oomph" just wasn't there.

It was hot enough running that I saw one old guy cut the course right in front of me, which I found rather shocking! I don't know if he got a finish time, and I didn't get his number, so it's just as well.

Good to see the familiar friends at this race again, of course: Dave, Janice (3rd place AG), Mike, Jeanne, all the usual crowd was there! Fun times!

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Kewl Nitrox said...

Good running. I did no training on father's day. :-)