Sunday, June 29, 2008

Five weeks to Steelhead

Whoops, I have a half Ironman in five weeks! Time to get busy! I didn't get in the full 56 miles that I planned to today, but a 44-mile solo ride around the Bay Hundred peninsula still made a pretty good workout. SportTracks says it's good enough for 3196 calories and that's good enough for me!

Took a couple of photos with my new Blackberry camera/phone/email thingie that my husband got me for my birthday, just for practice (sample below). I'm loving my new Crackberry! Nothing like checking your email on rest stops, and it's fantastic to be able to do all that with something small enough to carry in my jersey rear pocket! I'm looking forward to having it while we travel! I'm still finding out all the zillions of features it holds. Hey, I can even pull up weather radar maps in real time if the skies look threatening - that should be very very helpful!


MamaMaven said...

The crackberry claims another victim :)

Rainmaker said...

I've been living off the little radar images these days with the daily thunderstorms.

As for the should get this

Nancy Toby said...

Ha! I was already long asleep by then!! Fortunately I finally figured out how to make it not beep every time an email arrives!