Friday, June 27, 2008

Philly bike photos

Go Speed Racer.


jeanne said...

Nice!! I only got one of me on the bike, looking like i'm standing still.
you look hot!

LBTEPA said...

1st and 3rd ones - contenders for your profile photo!

Lynne said...


amybee said...

GREAT photos. Looks like the event was held at a beautiful venue.

Also, on your goals: you were very, very close on a couple of them and ROCKED on others.

Be loud; be proud!

Rainmaker said...

Dang, lots of photos. Like Jeanne - I only got one photo on the bike :(

ShirleyPerly said...

Awesome photos, Nancy!!

May we post one of them at with a little blurb about you and a link to your blog? If so, just let me know which one. I like them all!

Phil said...

Hi Nancy - just catching up after a hiatus... I am going to bombard you with a bunch of questions:

Your pictures look really good. To my eye at least, your position looks pretty well optimized - did you get a fitting done?

Also, need more details on your helmet - to be honest, your pictures are the first set of an age-grouper where the aero helmet doesn't look totally dorky. I've been contemplating one, but am cursed with a massive melon - and am afraid I'd look like the Gazzoo. I gather it's a Louis Garneau... but what model.

Is the visor integrated?

Did you write a report/review yet (I did a quick search on your blog but didn't see anything) - if not, how do you like it (does it feel hot - and honestly, do you think you are faster?)

Also, I notice you didn't use your wheel cover for the Philly tri - just wondering why.

Thanks and I hope the girls and family are doing well.


Nancy Toby said...

No on the fitting - I'm pretty comfortable *except* for my saddle, alas...

The helmet is a Louis Garneau Rocket Air - retails for around $150. The visor is sort of a snap on and goes for about $20 more, in smoke (like mine) or clear. I like the visor because it's easy to adjust up or down to get more breeze on your face and no sunglasses are one less thing to worry about. Though the smoke doesn't have much tint to it. My head is quite big too - about a 7.5 hat size, and size large fits fine.

I didn't write a detailed report from Philly, just bits and pieces, sorry.

I didn't put on my wheel cover yet just because it's a big job to get on - you have to remove the cassette and then fiddle around getting it on. Just haven't gotten around to it yet - I need to do that this month.

And yes, I used a CO2 cartridge for the flat, but the pressure was pure guesswork by feel. I wasn't too confident in my rear wheel the whole rest of the bike leg!