Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ant houses

The girls were on the deck today building houses for the ants. I remember doing that when I was little! However, ants these days apparently have far grander expectations about the quality of their residences than they did in my day. Today's ants have huge twin swimming pools (one with a floating snack bar) and stonework fortifications:

Day two (and counting) of day camp at the Y and so far Catherine has lost one pair of socks and one set of swim goggles. But she's having a ball swimming in the big pool twice a day, figuring out which parts of her packed lunch and snack to eat and which to bring back home in her backpack smashed next to her wet swimsuit, and I'm sure she rocks at Duck-Duck-Goose.

Elisabeth (who wasn't ready for full-day camp yet this summer) is enjoying shopping at Target with mom and picking out coloring books and getting walks and going to her speech therapy and misses Catherine terribly.

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