Thursday, June 19, 2008

My blood rocks!

I have been procrastinating about 5 years (since my girls were born) on going back to a doctor - so just two weeks ago I finally got a fasting blood sample taken again and got the results today. They ROCK!!!
  • Cholesterol 179 (less than 200 "desirable")
  • Triglycerides 79 ("normal" less than 150)
  • HDL 68 (above 60 "some protection against heart disease")
  • LDL 95 (less than 100 "optimal")

Hooray!!! The nurse even asked me if I was on medication for it. (I know it's not superior genetics, trust me on this).

I must be doing something right for an overweight almost-51-year-old!! (I did have some above-200 cholesterol readings and high LDL levels about 10-15 years ago when I was in a sedentary high-stress job and didn't work out much).

Must be all those good red steaks I grill, lots of olive oil on the salad and plenty of butter on the baked potatoes, nicely balanced with a fine Cabernet. . . . (and also, if I have any secrets of success besides exercise, it's no yo-yo dieting, no crash dieting, and no weird dietary restrictions other than avoid hydrogenated fats in favor of natural fats like olive oil and butter).

Most importantly: Don't worry. Be happy. :-)


LBTEPA said...

Well done!

amybee said...

The joys and results of having a fit and healthy body -- even if we are packing a couple of extra lbs.

Good for you!

Tri-Bob said...

Congrats...I get my results on Monday...hopefully the #'s will be as good.

*jeanne* said...

Congratulations! This is no surprise, you have worked hard at these results! :-)

Brent Buckner said...

Great numbers, and well-earned!