Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Still on the road

Hi folks,
We're still in the RV, still traveling - on the Ohio Turnpike today. Our wifi connections have been flaky so I haven't been able to think about posting a race report yet, or respond directly to comments/questions. I'll get there eventually! I just wanted to say that I'm still here and I still appreciate you all stopping by and leaving your great comments! Thanks! I feel really good about the first half of the Steelhead half Ironman race, up until after Mile 41 of the bike, and the rest of the race was okay too, considering that I finished! It's all good! Lots of new take-home lessons there and encouragment in my training for that Big Event coming up in November (Ironman Florida).

Back to "normal" on Thursday night or Friday morning at home again. We'll all catch up then!


Fe-lady said...

Hit much of the Ohio turnpike when I was back there this summer! A a kid we were always excited to be able to stop at a Howard Johnsons and get a milkshake if we had been "good" on the ride. They usued to be these ugly orange and tourquoise trimmed buildings. Glad they are gone, but the memories are good! Hope you are still having a great time!

Sara said...

Plus the Howard's had the best grilled cheeses.

Hope traveling has been good.

Miss Rachel said...

Keep on truckin' (RV-in')!

Lynne said...

The Ohio Turnpike is the longest stretch of boring highway I have ever been on... Hope you made it through OK! I am looking forward to your race report!! Happy Vacation!

Mojo said...

Have you made a tin foil hat yet?

Hope you are having a wonderful trip with the fam!

Shawn said...

Photos look great, Nancy!