Saturday, August 12, 2006

Good training buddies....

. . . keep you going when you really want to stop, helping you to get more training done than you would alone. I was ready to bag it at 50 miles today, but David flogged me on to complete the full 78-mile loop with the ferry ride. Thanks, David!

Seven days is also not a long enough time to fully recover from a half Ironman. Duh. (Also apparently not long enough to finish a race report either, but I digress.) I could only manage a 15.6 mph average moving speed on the bike today, even less counting total time with leisurely pitstops (14.0 mph including the ferry ride). I have 12 weeks to bring that average up a bit for a 112-mile distance, after some taper time but also after a 2.4-mile swim. And then there's that little detail of completing a marathon afterward. Can I do it? Time will tell! At least my derailleur and tires cooperated today, after I gave my bike Buttercup a pretty new yellow rear tire yesterday!

Note to self: If I manage to get out of T1 by 2:15 race time at Ironman Florida (by 9:15 AM, including transition, which means I need to complete the swim in about 2:00), I have to make a least a 14.0 mph average for the entire 112-mile bike leg in order to make the cutoffs, which are earlier at IMFL than any other m-dot Ironman race.

We successfully avoided most of the electromagnetic radiation, I think. . . .

Got in a short beach walk waiting for the ferry, but avoided swimming due to the sea nettles (stinging jellyfish) that abound there this time of year.

The famous Chesapeake Bay log canoes were out racing in the Tred Avon river by Oxford - always a sight to behold!

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Mojo said...

Good for David for pushing you. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger,right?

I have no doubt you'll make the cut off time.

Ya happy to be home?