Saturday, August 12, 2006

Catching up

I know I owe you all a race report! I'm still catching up on being home again - unpacking, doing tons of laundry, the usual stuff. Trying to get back into the normal training week - I've only got 12 to go, including the taper, for Ironman Florida! Eeeek!

My training buddy David is meeting me for a long ride in a few minutes (6AM start, since dawn is getting later), to be followed up by an hour run. At least that's the operational plan at the moment.

It's 56*F outside!! Autumn has suddenly arrived!! When did that happen?

I looked up the temps for race day last weekend in Benton Harbor, Michigan and it said it never got above 81*F (84*F heat index). It sure felt hotter than that when there were no clouds and no wind! I was skeptical when I saw 82*F on the sign we passed twice on the run, but I suppose it was correct.

Ride now, race report later.

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bunnygirl said...

56F??? I just finished wringing out my running gear, and no it wasn't because I poured water on myself.


I. Hate. You.