Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good, bad, and ugly

In the manner of our favorite half Ironman the Boldmeister, I have a few goods, bads, and uglies to share today.

  • Getting in 42 miles on the bike on a weekday morning
  • Having a perfectly beautiful day to ride in
  • Most of the bike working fine, and especially no breakdowns *knock wood*
  • Having a fully-kitted hardcore-looking cyclist chat me up to ride with me at one of the local pitstops, but I was going the wrong way
  • Portapotties at lots of convenient locations on my local ride routes
  • Body weight still going in the correct happy direction
  • Having a great babysitter to mind the girls while I work out
  • Maybe having the babysitter for a nice Friday night dinner date with my husband this week
  • Getting up at 6:15 AM to make it to the 7:30 AM lap swim during the very last week of lap swim this summer, and then nobody shows up to open the pool (which allowed me to ride longer, but still).
  • Still unable to get much into the 16 mph vicinity when I include pit stop time in the speed calculation
  • Cranky, crampy body still objecting to aero position
  • Babysitter going back to school in another week
  • Elisabeth deciding it's fun to run around the house with the pizza cutter while Catherine brings me knife after knife out of the sharps drawer they're not supposed to be getting into
  • Running over a snake on the side of the road that I thought was a bungee cord or something until my tires rolled over it *thump* *thump* (I hope it was already dead, but I didn't stop to check)
  • Bike seat starting to come apart - I need to buy an indentical replacement quickly, along with a few other things - handlebar tape, new chain perhaps
  • After I got home, the girls poured a cup of orange juice on the carpet and a can of root beer on the couch and so got sentenced to immediate naptime without hope of parole


Bolder said...

when i read the bad, and the sharps drawer, i was scared to proceed to the ugly!

what's ugly about running over a snake? you should have take a second pass...

21st Century Mom said...

Oh those kids! They really do keep you coming and going, don't they?

Maybe that snake fell out of a plane?

Mojo said...

You ran over a snake?

Ya know what? That would be the incident that would finally open my flood gates on the bike.

(I'd probably wreck too)

Comm's said...

oh boy you have some precosious twins there.

Iron Pol said...

6:15 for a 7:30 swim makes the Bad column. Mine goes more like 4:30 for 5 a.m. swim so I can be at work by 7 a.m. Not bad, just tiring.

Kids and sharps drawers: I use the coolest drawer lock system based on magnets. Look for it. It requires a bit of work on the drawers, but the safely locks it, requiring a special magnet key to open the drawer. I found mine at Toys R Us in the babies section.

And we just steam cleaned the carpet, as B-Boy and Monster Girl have joined together to create the "Spill Everything League." Now, I need the attachments to do my recliner, which is as bad as the carpets were.

Cliff said...

Don't worry about the snake..i am sure the second thump killed it for sure :P...

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I think I'd have killed my munchkins on a day like that - never mind the snake. You must be so patient...

m said...

At least your child brings you the knife. My 2+ year old runs around the house laughing with it. Husband thinks we should of named him Michael (kid from halloween)