Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Roller coaster training

Despite my emphasis on consistency in training this year (which was VERY solid up until the beginning of May), my training over the summer has been a roller coaster. When I've been traveling, preparing for travel, and recovering from travel, or had a race week, my training volume has plunged downwards. Lots of high weeks with 14 to 15 hours of training, but then they've dipped down a few times into the region of 7 to 9 hours per week of training. Which isn't enough.

66 days to go until Ironman Florida. Subtract 14 days for a 2-week taper, and that leaves us with 52 days. Seven and a half weeks of training left to go.

Now since my babysitter has gone back to school, I'm re-figuring out how I can get my training done while juggling two three-year-olds. Lots of rain in the forecast too this week, so that precludes a lot of jogstroller time. Back on the indoor trainer with me!

Oh well, it is what it is. A lot can be accomplished in 52 days! Especially with a solid base. RIGHT? That's still nearly two solid months. My plan for this Labor Day weekend includes a century ride, but I'm not yet sure when I can squeeze in the swimming I need to do. And some running some time as well. It might end up being a run-bike-run brick again, starting in the darkness on the track. Whatever it takes!

But I just did a calculation that makes me feel a little better, a la Ellie:
So far in my training this year, I've done the equivalent of over:
  • 29 Iron-distance swim legs
  • 17 Iron-distance bike legs
  • 19 Iron-distance run legs
So while it's still lower training volume by some standards, spread over 34 weeks, it's still something. . . .


Iron Pol said...

I would personally suggest you refrain from juggling three year olds during training. Infants, maybe. Light, squishy balls, sure. 30+ pound toddlers, too hard on the back.

Ellie said...

See, you can do it... you've already done 17 of them this year, plus 12 additional Iron-length swims and 2 Iron-length runs.

We all worry at this point that we haven't trained enough. I'm doing it too. But we will be fine.

TriBoomer said...

Keep working at it, Nancy. Can't wait to meet you at IM Fla.

Stay tuned...

IMmike said...

hey nancy,

you'll be ready. you've actually been pretty consistent over the year.

so my chesapeakeman plans are back up in the air. my sister broke her hand today on a training ride. if she gets the all-clear from the doctor to race then i'll do it. if not, then we'll see. hopefully i should find out soon.