Tuesday, August 15, 2006

5AM on the track!?!?

Let me take back all those nice things I said about my workout buddy David.

His great idea for the weekend:
Meet at the track at 5AM for an hour run. On a Saturday.

Uh, yeah. That would be when sunrise is at 6:17AM. We're just going to run on the track because it's too easy to break an ankle running on the road in pitch blackness. I'm pretty sure there won't be any lights on the track, either, but at least it's reasonably flat. Maybe I should bring a flashlight.

Then when it's actually light we get to do something fun like ride our bikes another 50-60 miles. I have to be home by 10AM so my husband can go sailing, so that's all I'll have time for.

I'll let all you fine readers know how it goes.


Mojo said...

You need to wear a miner's hat for that track workout. David is a task master!

Steve Toby said...

All readers should recognize that Nancy's husband is also a competitor. He is not just going sailing...but racing, in the Herring Island series out of Miles River Yacht Club.

nancytoby said...

Thanks for clarifying that, honey. :-)

Kewl Nitrox said...

Tie a torch to your running shoes. :) You know I am not a morning person, so GOOD LUCK! :)

Fe-lady said...

Yeah, get a head-light! I see people (early risers) all winter run with them on here.
Happy Track workout! (Reminded me I need to start...and add bleacher steps! OUCH!)

Bolder said...

i overhead a guy in the company cafeteria say he got to the airport 3 hours early as recommended for a 6:30am flight.

he got there at 3:30am, and security didn't open until 5:30am.