Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Steelhead photos

Just a few to share - I didn't take many! I need to find a good photo of the swim start to show you all because it was truly a beautiful setting. Here's some nervous anticipation:

And just remember, for the record, I started when the clock already had over 30 minutes on it!! Those two girls standing there with the finish line banner must have had an awfully long day by the time I arrived!


Mojo said...

You and Buttercup look hot together! I like that yellow stripe on the tire. :)

Great photos and finish.
I'd hold the banner anyday for you!

blahblahblahblahblah said...

Nice pictures. Great race. I love the way you plan things on the blog and then make them happen.

(I'm sure standing by the finish line was a lot easier than running, swimming and biking. It's nice of you to care about the two girls though. I can tell you're a mom. ;-P)

Shelley said...

That smile on the bike pic says it love this sport don't ya!!! Congrats Nancy!!

Iron Pol said...

Those are some nice pictures. My wife is hoping to get some decent shots, this weekend. She's probably more concerned about the course than I am. She wants to know where she can go to get good shots.

And Buttercup has made The Pol-R Express jealous. It wants yellow tires, too.

TriFeist said...

Great photos! You look so calm before the swim. All your training shows through.

Downhillnut said...

Bee-utiful profile shot before the start. Like a kid just before a birthday party.

You know those finish line girls didn't stand there all day - you know they took shifts, and went for lunch, and probably helped strip wetsuits before they even showed up at the finish line ;)

Mind you, sometimes volunteering feels as exhausting as racing, and there's no training sessions or medals for that.

mipper said...

awesome pics! look how little youa re getting. you look HAWT, mama!

Bolder said...

lookin' good!

two halfs under your fuel belt!!

well done.

Wil said...

You've lost some major weight and look awesome! Congrats again on your very cool race... wish I could have been there :)