Saturday, February 23, 2008

Troll spray

We've been having a severe problem lately with trolls coming into the girls' bedroom at night.

Fortunately this spray kills trolls dead. So we spray it around the perimeter of the beds most nights to keep them away.

It's very, very, very important that you don't get out of bed after they have been sprayed for trolls, however, because if you get out then the trolls can get you.


LBTEPA said...


TxTriSkatemom said...

You are my hero!!! Awesome.

rachel said...

you need to watch the BBC's production of Hogfather :)
Maybe not the girls though, dunno if it is too mature for them.
anyway, the nanny, who is the adopted granddaughter of death, has a unique way of dealing with trolls and goolies who hide under kids' beds, usually involving a fireplace poker or "the stare". : D

Comm's said...

not that is awesome.

jbmmommy said...

Wow- your troll spray is exactly the same as our bad dream spray- the blue can. At least if we develop a problem with trolls I know it does double duty.