Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting my swim back

Fortunately my swim stroke doesn't seem to have deteriorated too much with dire neglect over the winter. I was able to get in 1500 yards today which felt reasonably easy, including one 500-yard set in 10:54. Woot, if I could maintain that pace on race day for three times the distance (and have a wetsuit advantage and not have to do a bejillion turns, either, assuming I could stay on course) I could swim a PR 35:45. I'd like that! So far my Olympic triathlon swim PR is 36:51.

I'm hoping that a performance improvement in my bike with new components (augmented by my spiffy new aero helmet) will offset my dire neglect of bike training over the winter, too.


Spokane Al said...

Perhaps you could also request that some jelly fish be added to the mix to help you maintain your speed.

Nancy Toby said...

Ha! I prefer to avoid those, but I'll swim in the Chesapeake with jellies long before I'll swim in the Atlantic without a wetsuit again!! BBRRRRR!