Monday, February 11, 2008

Looking down the road

I'm still hoping to qualify for the 2009 National Senior Games (at Stanford) at one of the state senior games this year.

It probably will be beyond my reach to qualify in track and field or swimming against the specialists. Too fast for me!

2007 National Senior Games Qualifying Standards (women age 50-54):

50 yard freestyle: under 34:20
100 yard freestyle: under 1:16:20
200 yard freestyle: under 2:46:10
500 yard freestyle: under 8:01:70

1500m: under 7:00
5k: under 25:08 (3 more minutes off my 5K this year? Whew! That's a tall order!)
10k: under 55:00

It's more probable that I can qualify in cycling and triathlon, just because there are fewer competitors (and also no objective minimum performance standards, yet). Just for my future reference, here are some times from the 2007 National Senior Games medalists:

Cycling: 5K Individual Time Trials
WOMEN 50-54
1 Thompson, Patricia AL 08:04.1 (23.0 mph)
2 Wilkie, Barbara WA 08:13.0
3 Becken, Tracey VT 08:21.0

Cycling: 10K Individual Time Trials
WOMEN 50-54
1 Thompson, Patricia AL 14:52.439
2 Wilkie, Barbara WA 15:07.400
3 Andrews, Lee ON 15:09.454

Cycling: 20K Road Race
WOMEN 50-54
1 Andrews, Lee ON 42:12.633
2 Wilkie, Barbara WA 42:20.507
3 Tersegno, Linda NY 42:20.918

Cycling: 40K Road Race
WOMEN 50-54
1 Thompson, Patricia AL 1:06:04.865
2 Andrews, Lee ON 1:06:08.191
3 Tersegno, Linda NY 1:06:08.194

Road Race: 5K
WOMEN 50-54
1 Felger, Penny OH 21:33.0
2 Richards, Mary GA 22:21.0
3 Okon, Diana KY 23:23.0

Road Race: 10k
WOMEN 50-54
1 Sotire, Bonnie SC 46:58.5
2 Joefield, Susannah UT 50:31.4
3 House, Martha KY 54:58.5

Triathlon (sprint - distances in 2007 were "400M freestyle swim, 20K cycling and the 5K road race")
WOMEN 50-54
1 Green, Janet KY 1:20:37.8
2 Bailey-riffe, Melanie KY 1:25:42.3
3 Paul, Linda PA 1:28:11.0

That gives me some targets to start shooting for, at least! I need to get some marks painted on the highway near here on my usual cycling route to have some time trial courses marked off to practice on. My quads hurt just thinking about it.

Qualifying for nationals - If no cycling or triathlon competitions are held in my state, I can qualify by a) for 20K or 40K cycling road race an athlete must submit verification of having completed two cycling road races of the event length or better (in the previous year). Cyclists who complete two 40K or better events may qualify for both events; b) for triathlon an athlete must submit verification of having completed two triathlons (in the previous year).


ShirleyPerly said...

Cool! I didn't know they even had such a thing as senior games. The women in the 50-55 AG in my area are quite fast, though. Perhaps because there's a lot of seniors in FL?

Fe-lady said...

Fast Ol' gals out there...hmmm? Swimming cutoffs are TOUGH! wow!

Julia said...

Sprint: 750mt/20km/5km

Nancy Toby said...

Do you have a link for that from the U.S. Senior National Games? Usually those are the approximate distances, true, but there is a lot of variation in the US in sprint distances!! I couldn't find an exact reference.

Nancy Toby said...

Aha, never mind, I found it! 400M swim in 2007, go figure!! That's good for me! NOT my strong suit!

Noah Wood - A Maryland Runner said...

Go for it Nancy, it sounds like a great goal! Since it seems like you have ben improving quite q bit this past year, I'm sure you can improve even more over time. I'm sure you'll do well just trying to qualify. Take it easy!