Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A new house for us?

We're going to look at nearby houses with our realtor this weekend, to see about possibly taking advantage of the current slump in house prices and financing rates.

Trouble is, we really really like our current house here! It's too small, but it's in the perfect location for us right next to the elementary, middle, and high schools. One of the options that we're also considering is building an addition on our current house. But we're very limited by our lot size (on a street corner restricted by wide setbacks on two sides). Also we have almost zero back yard - just a few feet between our house and the lot line. My girls need a place to play outside!

We've got a couple of prospects to take a look at.

One is just as close to the school, two blocks from where we are now, with a larger fenced yard and a little more room for expansion. But it's not a very big step up from our current house - a little newer, one more bathroom, but not much bigger than we have now. I'm not convinced it will be worth the moving hassle, though.

Another is a couple miles from here in a wonderful neighborhood that I used to live in. More expensive, a little more interior space, probably more than we can afford right now, but a wonderful 1-acre partially wooded lot on a quiet road which will give the girls plenty of room to play outside. The main drawback is that it was built in 1979 and I suspect not updated since then. And the girls will have to take the school bus to school (or be driven by me).

We'll see. . . .

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rachel said...

They won't be able to bicycle the couple of miles, I mean, once they're 10 or so? Or is it just too dangerous these days for that anymore?
(back in the day when I was 9 years old I used to bicycle into town from my grandparents farm, only a couple of miles on gravel roads. don't know if that would be possible now or not)