Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The ballerinas

Here they are just before their second ballet class, just after we had rushed inside from cold driving rain.

I'm not sure this ballet thing will work out so well - today after the class the instructor told me very disapprovingly of some "incident" that, I think, involved Catherine dancing exuberantly in her own inimitable style on the other side of the room from the rest of the girls and probably not paying attention whatsoever to the instructor while doing so. Which does not surprise me in the least. Since parents aren't allowed to watch, I'm not sure exactly what happened.

Yes, Catherine does indeed dance to her own unique tune. It's part of what makes her so special. Don't ever lose that exuberance, girl.


21stCenturyMom said...

Oh well... even the naturally exuberant need to learn how to function in group settings. Might be too soon for her, though. Who needs class when you can be a whirling dervish in your own house, right?

rachel said...

I'm on the might be too soon for conformity side too. : )
She's still pre-K, there's times to come and places where she will learn to conform for the good of the whole (and possibly safety of the self).
On the other hand, if she enjoys the class and is willing to conform, then why not.
I think it's utterly cool that they are getting these opportunities to explore different sports, arts, and other activities.